Personal Values

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The values in any organisation set the tone for how that organisation operates. They come from the top. How the person leading the business treats people and expects to be treated is a key deciding factor. It makes the place what it is.

My personal values stem from a single core :


What this means for me is that commerce does not exist for commerce's sake. It exists because commerce improves societal living. There is a sense in which we exist to be there for each other. Man is a social animal.

How does this translate into how FDPO operates ? Well, here are three things :

  1. "Tell it like it is" - What is really happening in the business ? What are the key drivers ? What is holding it back ? We have to be honest about what the real issues are in order to help people resolve them.
  2. "People want to do a good job" - and can be trusted to do so. There is no shortage of well-intentioned managers getting in the way of people trying to do a good job in this world. A manager needs to ensure that people know what needs to be done, that they have the skills to do it, and then keep out of the way. This does not mean such a manager is 'soft'. There is a time and a place for everything.
  3. "Sackable offences require sacking" - If someone has committed a sackable offence, then strength of character is called for to address the problem appropriately. I have seen enough teams, exasperated at being dragged down by a single individual,  to know how much they appreciate a decisive manager.

A set of principles for good business conduct can be found here   :   professional standards

As Bill Clinton might have said, "It's the people , stupid."

Ivor Middleton