What We Don't Do

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We don't do :


As this is a specialisation in itself. We can, however, liase with tax accountants, speak their language, read a tax computation, spot the glaringly obvious error or omission and ask the right questions.


We do ensure skilled staff are in place or that there is a competent outsourced service.  We also ensure that a properly functional system is in place.

Corporate Finance

We know when you might need them, how to distinguish the good ones and how to haggle the fee down.  Again, we can speak the language.

Legal Advice

Should always come from a qualified lawyer. We can, however, read one hundred page contracts for commercial sense, advise the lawyers which clauses to strike lines through, which key obligations need to be written in and where to add the word 'reasonable'.

Interim Work

Well we do, really.  However, we much prefer to be in it for the long term, and not be in and out of a business without having to live with the consequences of our actions.