Financial Controller / Management Accountant Service

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This service exists to help your business in any of these areas :



Ensuring that you have a profit and loss account and balance sheet that 'tell it like it is', that paints a picture of the true state of the business.


Internal Controls

To ensure the accuracy of information, compliance with contracts and the law, to help prevent fraud and to be aware of the extent to which things are going to plan.


Performance Improvement

Be it customer service or profitability, your business needs key performance indicators to direct managers to where the real issues are. You don't just need top level information, you need to know profitability by product or by customer or similar. You need that linked to the key drivers of the business. You want to know where the effort is being drained and where it is productive. The KPIs are not always obvious, not all financial and not necessarily easy to compile and report.  In addition, they often have unforeseen consequences. The actions necessary are not always easy to decide. Our service is here to help you deal with all this.

Treasury and Forex

Cash forecasting and cash management, ensuring liquidity and security.  Foreign exchange dealings need to be secure, good value and , where necessary, exposures need to be reduced or hedged.  Loan funding may need to be negotiated and appropriately structured (e.g. fixed or floating).


Team Training and Mentoring

Ensuring the finance function staff have the skills they need, know what needs doing and have a wise head to turn to.


Due Diligence Support

A service to ensure that when a due diligence team arrives, you have everything in place to pass with flying colours.


Support Service Contact

For when you need a skilled person as the first point of contact for auditors, tax accountants, bankers, lawyers, the Inland Revenue and similar.