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FDPO is a trading name of Priory Orchard Limited.  Priory Orchard Limited (POL) is owned and controlled by Ivor Middleton and was set up by him in 2005 as a vehicle to sell his financial director service.  POL has been trading successfully ever since.


Initially POL traded exclusively via FDUK Ltd, then the largest provider of financial director services in the UK.  FDUK merged with The FD Centre Limited in 2008 and POL continued the exclusive relationship with them until  June 2010. POL then left the umbrella of The FD Centre to trade independently, with immediate benefits for marketing the services and managing the sales pipeline.


Ivor Middleton is a Chartered Management Accountant who has spent most of his working life supporting managing directors, boards of directors  and owners. His job is to ensure adequate information for decision making; to act as a sounding board; to provide strategic guidance; to question decisions as a critical friend; and to provide reassurance to external investors, lenders, clients and suppliers.  He likes hard work, is an unusually cool head in an emergency and enjoys getting to grips with complex situations.  He is a commercial animal who has seen a lot of 'stuff', making him useful to have around.


FDPO is here to make the tough decisions easy.