Daily Cash Forecasting Tool

This spreadsheet is for those who need to keep a very close eye on their cash day to day, either to keep their bank manager happy or to manage money closely so as to make the most of interest bearing deposits.  It covers thirty five days, so that the forecast goes just past the month end, thus covering those oft neglected first days of the next month.

Elsewhere amongst these downloads there is a separate three month forecast tool which you can use to look further ahead and catch any issues or opportunities early. This covers thirteen weeks, week by week.

The download link is at the bottom of the page.

There are two main sheets : the Forecast and the  Revised Forecast.  The second sheet allows you to reforecast as you go through the month, and to compare the original forecast's accuracy at the end of the month.  To do this, copy the numbers from the original forecast over to this sheet, then as the month progresses overwrite them with the actuals for the previous day / week.

This is where the real value of this spreadsheet lies.  It allows you to know where you are on a daily basis, so that you can manage the money very closely.

There is also a summary sheet for each of the two main sheets, compressing the forecast into five columns, one for each week.  There is no input on these sheets, they are just summary reports to make it easy to get an overview.  Watch out for timing issues that may be hidden at the summarised weekly level.

All entries are in £'000s.  Amounts are shown to one decimal point so entries are to the nearest £100  e.g. £1,355.25 would be entered as 1.4   Don't waste time thinking about the pennies - this is a forecast.  Often you will need to be guesstimating.

Do make sure your bank account has been reconciled. This is a critical basic control.  If the reconciliation has not been done, you will not know if your starting point, the opening balance,  is accurate.

Input cells are whiteDaily Cash























Over limit



Overdraft limit exceeded highlighted in red





Click the download link below to ge this Excel spreadsheet.

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