Budgeting spreadsheet


1)    Profit and Loss, balance sheet and cash flow integrated
2)    Working capital modelled for balance sheet and cash flow
3)    Staffing budget made easy, set up for up to 45 staff
4)    Charts to highlight key trends
5)    Contents page for easy navigation
6)    Factoring finance model, if needed, for working capital budget
7)    Commentary page


A)    This is a generic budget, so it only gives a top level view and does not set out to model your business.  You may well have several product lines or services, spread around a few departments and divisions.  You are likely to want to go a little further and model profitibility by product or division and income by the factors that drive it.

B)    Spreadsheets are dangerous, especially when their structure gets messed with.  Use it at your own risk and be extremely wary of dragging, cutting and pasting or inserting and deleting rows.

C)     It is all integrated, so if you change one thing, the implications flow right through, as they would in the real world. This makes it hard to fiddle one part while leaving another the same.  This should be a good thing ! You will find it a bad thing if you have to report it to someone who wants you to come to the figures he first thought of, which may be incompatible with each other. In which case your exceptional people skills will need to be brought into play.

D)    Budgets are estimates and best guesses at a moment in time, reflecting plans and expectations.  The tax and payroll calculations are estimates, intended to be ballpark, not perfect. The rates and methods will change and become out of date.

E)      It is the overview that is important, the big picture, the context. Which things have the biggest effect ?  Which things eat away at the profit in the background (creeping payroll count, for example) ?

F)    Budgets are a good way to delegate responsibility. If a manager has put together a budget that you agree is sensible, you can then give him the freedom to act and to spend within the budget - to do his job without too much interference.  Timely reporting of his figures compared to this budget will allow you to monitor performance and hold him to account for major variances.  In the same way, monitoring business performance against a budget allows a major funder to keep an eye on his investment without getting too close and too  tangled.

G)   As it contains staff salary details, protect it from prying eyes.  The word you need to open this one is 'fdpo', but you can change that.

Contact FDPO if you want to create a model that reflects your business better, or want to improve the credibility of your information.

Click one of the download attachment links below to get either the blank template Excel spreadsheet or the example with numbers.


  • Comment Link FDPO Friday, 30 September 2011 09:37 posted by FDPO


    A number of you have reported problems opening the files. It seems to be down to Macs not liking the Windows .xls extension. Just rename the files in a Mac friendly style and they should open without a problem.

  • Comment Link FDPO Friday, 23 September 2011 13:40 posted by FDPO

    The password is given at item (G) above.

  • Comment Link jsmith37796 Thursday, 22 September 2011 18:07 posted by jsmith37796

    it requires a password

  • Comment Link Robert Thursday, 22 September 2011 15:12 posted by Robert

    Could be really interesting but no use to me without the password I need to use this

    What is the password for that password protected file?

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