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Free downloads for business support, whatever the size of your business.  They are provided free as a showcase.



1)    Profit and Loss, balance sheet and cash flow integrated
2)    Working capital modelled for balance sheet and cash flow
3)    Staffing budget made easy, set up for up to 45 staff
4)    Charts to highlight key trends
5)    Contents page for easy navigation
6)    Factoring finance model, if needed, for working capital budget
7)    Commentary page

A cash forecast is an absolute must for any business.  This is a  forecast tool which you can use to look three months ahead on a monthly basis, helping you to catch any issues or opportunities early. This version covers thirteen weeks, week by week. It also allows you to keep track of where you are against the forecast.

Elsewhere amongst these downloads is a Daily forecasting tool, for those of you who need to keep a closer grip on the cash situation.

The Problem

A company imports from abroad and does not have to pay for the goods until they are sold on. Payments must be made in the currency of the supplier.  The problem with this is that the exchange rate at the time the goods have to be paid for is a future unknown.

If the company imports $2 million worth of goods, then there is a risk of the exchange rate falling and having to pay a higher price than  now.  Every 10 cent change in the rate could cost the company some £83,000.

The rate could, of course, go the other way.  The company might be happy to just let this risk run, confident that they can pass on the price increase, or perhaps judging that the dollar is weakening and sterling strengthening, so that on balance they are more likely to benefit from movements. Many, however, prefer a degree of certainty.  How can they achieve certainty when they cannot know what exchange rates will be ?

Use this Excel spreadsheet to compare two bank loans, or to calculate the actual rate of interest being charged on a loan.


  1. Converts all fees into a cost of money - the interest rate - making loans with different fees comparable
  2. Copes with bullet payments (where an element is repaid as a lump sum at the end)
  3. Exposes the flat rate sham
  4. Shows the actual (nominal) rate of interest the bank is charging, along with the corresponding APR
  5. Copes with monthly payments for terms up to 30 years
  6. Shows the amount of debt outstanding at any point during the loan
  7. Quick calculator for simple cases where you know the repayment and want to know the rate

This spreadsheet is for those who need to keep a very close eye on their cash day to day, either to keep their bank manager happy or to manage money closely so as to make the most of interest bearing deposits.  It covers thirty five days, so that the forecast goes just past the month end, thus covering those oft neglected first days of the next month.

Elsewhere amongst these downloads there is a separate three month forecast tool which you can use to look further ahead and catch any issues or opportunities early. This covers thirteen weeks, week by week.