Cash Forecasting Tools

A cash forecast is an absolute must for any business.  We provide two cash forecasting spreadsheets in our free download section.

The first you can use to look three months ahead on a monthly basis, helping you to catch any issues or opportunities early. This version covers thirteen weeks, week by week. It also allows you to keep track of where you are against the forecast.

The second is a daily forecasting tool, for those who need to keep a very close eye on their cash day to day, either to keep their bank manager happy or to manage money closely and make the most of interest bearing deposits.  It covers thirty five days, so that the forecast goes just past the month end, thus covering those oft neglected first days of the next month.

Note that there are unlimited different ways in which a forecast may be structured.  Some will be more appropriate to the nature of your business than others. These tools may not be suited to your business.  Nevertheless there will be ideas here that you can re-use,  or which will stimulate you to discover the best way of structuring a forecast for your business.

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