Case Studies

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FDPO was called in to a manufacturer of luxury "big ticket" items. Key stakeholders had little or no visibility of the state of the business and there was a lack of informative or adequate reports.

FDPO improved the basic financial reporting, recommended proper controls and devised and effected key performance indicators.   Initial investigations discovered a minor fraud and excessive cash leakage, but more importantly showed a viable business with good potential. We introduced KPI's which later identified project over-runs as the most critical threat to business viability, resulting in the appointment of a new project manager.

FDPO persuaded the funders to continue their support and to refinance the business.





Five family run businesses were to be merged to form a national supplier providing claims management for insurance companies and a call out and repair service to businesses and consumers.  Some of the merging businesses' accounts were potentially unfit to pass the due diligence, including the largest.

FDPO was called in to ensure the integrity of the reported information ahead of the due diligence.  The work required close investigation into and analyses of several disparate systems and databases, alongside a requirement to gain the trust and support of staff in several regional offices in a short space of time. The due diligence was passed with flying colours and led to significant funding being released.

FDPO was then tasked with the roll out of a new integrated system and staff training.  FDPO also devised new reports to facilitate the management need to identify and drill down into issues.

The client was so pleased they offered a full time role.





The founders of a small, fast growing science company required occasional director level support addressing improvement of management information, venture funding, new venture evaluation and similar. They were also in need of a sounding board, someone commercial who could be used to bounce ideas and queries off and could be relied on not to be a 'yes man'.

FDPO have been providing this support for several years now and the company has grown and strengthened considerably over the period.

[Update May 2015 : the company has just been sold for £100 million]




The owner of a well-respected manufacturing company where sales had plateaued and profitability was under potential invited FDPO in to help identify the issues and rejuvenate the company.

FDPO identified a firm with a strong brand that was not playing to its strengths, competing on price against businesses offering a poorer quality of service.  FDPO worked with the board to clarify the strategy and then to ensure that it was effected, in particular that the claim to good service was more than just words.  Close monitoring of service level failures was introduced with a high priority given to remedying issues for customers, setting the firm very clearly apart from its competitors.  FDPO also identified cost creep, with the cost base being allowed to expand as sales grew and overtime not being monitored, defeating the high profit potential promised by growth.





The owners of a retail business selling luxury goods  were advised by their bank to seek expert financial management advice and selected FDPO to provide this help.

FDPO did an extensive inital assessment of the business, identifying two underperforming divisions, fraud, and, most significantly, extremely slow moving lines of stock. FDPO provided an analysis of the financing cost of slow stock demonstrating how profits were being lost. In addition this was put in context of the marketing strategy, where tired stock was devaluing the brand.  FDPO advised repricing and quick sale of old stock, potentially via third party resellers.  In addition, proper divisional accounting was introduced with divisional head responsibilities clearly allocated.